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When we launched Omnom, we wanted to create something that would appeal to a new kind of ethical citizen – one who sees ethical living as a fact of life rather than a radical movement or simply a fad. Our ambition was to create a magazine that was bold and beautiful, tasteful yet impactful and that, beyond everything else, could help to inspire other people on their journey towards living their lives in a more mindful way.

Having sold out of Issue #2 and in order to fulfil strong demand from indie magazine retailers for a quality print publication about ethical lifestyle, we secured additional sponsorship and expanded our Issue #3 print run to 1,000 copies. We’re now looking for partners to work with as we grow our reach further over the coming issues.

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a unique publication

Omnom is a 96-page coffee table magazine appealing to a gender-neutral audience, with thoughtful commentary on every aspect of ethical, sustainable living.

Omnom bridges the knowledge gap between those living in a more ethical way and those who want to learn more. It is the magazine we wished we had available to us when we first set out on our respective journeys towards a life less damaging to the world around us.

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An atypical model

We believe the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to advertising and sponsorship is outdated and broken. Each of our partnerships is a collaboration. We sit down with you over a cuppa and work out how best we can help each other reach our collective goals.

This could be creating a video, doing a photoshoot or even featuring your work in the magazine or one of our online channels.

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A creative approach

Alongside running the magazine, both of us work as freelance creatives, offering photography, written and video content and graphic design to small start-ups and ethical businesses.

Our experience puts us in a unique position as creatives and journalists to help you expand your brand’s reach with sustainability-minded audiences.

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