Self-Improvement Never Tasted So Good


January sucks. The excess of the holiday season is now a blur of cranberry stuffing and roast potatoes. The lost days between Christmas and New Year spent languishing on the sofa seem like a distant memory. Payday is far. The days are cold. The nights colder.

While many mock New Year’s resolutions, I love taking time to refocus my goals and intentions for the year ahead. There’s nothing to scorn about self-improvement, people. It was made painfully aware to me recently that my movie trivia and all round movie knowledge,  SUCKS. Like, really really sucks. The phrase ‘who is KEENAU Reeves?’ escaped my mouth to a shocked audience of (judgemental) friends. So in the name of self-improvement, I’m committing myself to upping my movie game, one Friday night at a time. Because what else are you gonna do in January?

Obviously you can’t watch a movie without a pile of junk food. So, I’m sharing with you the vegan version of movie night in our house. All wonderful accidentally vegan snacks that are cheap, tasty and totally bad for you.


Hit your nearest supermarket, grab a basket and start stocking up:

  • Party Rings
  • Strawberry fizzy laces (double check for our friend, gelatine)
  • Propercorn popcorn
  • Starburst
  • Skittles

Also keep an eye out for:

  • Veggie percy pigs from M&S
  • Veggie colin caterpillars from M&S
  • Oreos (dairy free and packed full of E numbers!)
lifestyleHelena Murphy