Vegan Guide – Berlin


Berlin is one of my favourite cities; my soul city, you could say. The beer's cheaper than water, there’s an abundance of outside spaces, clearly-defined bike lanes and — most importantly — many amazing vegan joints.

While I’ve been to Berlin more times than I can count, each time I head back with a list longer than my arm of new places to hit up. On this occasion, I went on a whistle-stop tour with three of my favourite humans. Our days were filled with bike rides around Tempelhof Park and watching the karaoke at Mauerpark while our nights were filled with incredible vegan meals and (way too many) margaritas.

I sadly couldn’t photograph all of the amazing places we went — some of the restaurants we visited at night — but I’ve included links at the bottom of the post because, woah, the vegan restaurants in Berlin aren’t even real life.


Boxhagener Strasse 56, 10245
Nearest station: Ostkreuz


I’ve never been a huge fan of kebabs and I'd only ever eaten one meat kebab in my pre-vegan days (which, coincidentally, I also ate in Berlin). Obviously, since I stopped eating meat I thought kebabs were well and truly behind me. However, Vöner came out of the woodwork and all my non-kebab eating went out the window.

They’ve got wraps, pittas and burgers, currywurst, seitan nuggets, chips and a few other bits — but we were in it for the kebabs. The portions when they came out were bigger than my face, so if that’s what you’re into, then this is the place for you. While the kebabs were pretty salty, they were stuffed with lettuce and tomato to counter it, and drizzled with the sauce of your choosing, mine being heavy on the garlic.



Maybachufer 8, 12047
Nearest stops: Kottbusser Tor / Schönleinstrasse


Can words convey how happy this shop made me? Probably not, but I’ll try anyway.

We attempted to visit on our first day but when we arrived, drooling in anticipation, we were faced with a ‘SOLD OUT’ sign on the counter. Not to be defeated, we came back again the next day (early) and ordered three boxes of four, because one doughnut is never enough.

The flavours are insane: maple coconut bacon, cookies and cream, pumpkin cream cheese, strawberry cream cheese, chocolate PB fudge and caramel… Highly recommended for all doughnut lovers.


Bun Bao

Kollwitzstrasse 84, 10435
Nearest stop: Eberswalder Strasse / Senefelderplatz


As one of my friends said, I could eat this a hundred times. The service was pretty inattentive, probably because the food is so amazing — they know they got this. There are two meat-free options (a veggie burger and a vegan burger) and oh my god, prepare yourself for something awesome.


We also stopped by:

SOY in Mitte for vegan Vietnamese. Highly recommend the ramen bowls. 

Santa Maria in Kottbusser Tor for vegan Mexican with vegan chorizo — but order without cheese, because they weirdly don't have any of the non-dairy kind.