G. Kelly Pie & Mash Shop

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Words & images by Erika Raxworthy

Taking up veganism for any reason is great in my opinion, but as it gets bunched in with clean eating more and more, it reinforces the stereotype that all vegans eat raw balls for breakfast lunch and dinner and are hella rich. Um, no. 

Enter G. Kelly, a traditional pie and mash shop in Bow that has been making pies from the same place since 1939, who has a vegan meat pie on their menu. For under £4, you get a giant plate of comfort aka pie, mash and liquor (parsley gravy) plus you can grab a vegan apple crumble for afters at £1.50 a pop. Yum? Check. Cheap? Check. No kale in sight? Check check check. 

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G.Kelly 4
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