A Weekend With: Miia Matala-Aho


Catching up with Finnish blogger and all-round vegan badass, Miia Matala-Aho on her weekend routines. From whipping up fruit-packed smoothie bowls to hitting the gym and working on her creative goals, this gal knows how to hustle. Over to you, Miia...


My all time favourite thing about weekends are slow breakfasts. It's such a luxury when you have the time to make something special and enjoy it slowly while browsing through a magazine or some blogs. Today I was craving something refreshing, so I decided to make a smoothie bowl to enjoy with my morning coffee.


Berry coconut smoothie bowl

2 frozen bananas

½ fresh banana

a handful of raspberries and blueberries

¼ cup of coconut cream (the thick part of canned coconut milk)

Simply blend everything up and enjoy with your favourite toppings! I added some banana, almond butter, raw cocoa nibs, shredded coconut and a bit of raw muesli (from the brand Loving Earth).

I had planned to work out in the morning, but instead I did some thrift shopping with my family. I had a smoothie for a snack and later made some lunch at home.  

In the evening my sister suggested a gym session. I wasn't really feeling like working out but I said yes anyway. When we got to the gym, the place was almost empty so we decided to take an RPM class (a form of super tough spinning with a virtual guide). After 50 minutes, I was sweating and panting like crazy but feeling absolutely amazing and happy that I decided to go anyway !

After we got home, I showered, ate the same smoothie bowl as in the morning, accompanied by some bread and then just chilled and watched a movie before going to bed.




Good morning! Today I was too lazy to make a pretty smoothie bowl, so I just made some coffee, avocado on bread and a bowl of soy yogurt with banana on top. No, my food doesn’t always look super fancy, most of the time I just throw the toppings on into a messy pile of everything!


After having devoured my breakfast, my sister and I hit the gym again. I was still a little sore from the previous day's workout, so I only did 45 minutes of running and walking on the treadmill. I felt like my body needed some extra love, so I finished the workout off by 15 minutes of stretching and some rolling with a pilates roller.

For lunch I had some whole wheat pasta with beans in tomato sauce and some kale and spinach. Super basic, but still so good! Sunday afternoons are a time to work on my blog while enjoying my afternoon coffee (I really do love my coffee if you didn’t already notice).


The rest of the day pretty much consists of work and studying. I try to take some micro breaks, sip some water and do some stretching every now and then after having sat for a long time in front of my computer. 

In the evening I have a routine of shutting down all electronic devices and writing a few journal pages before I go to bed. This really helps me with going through things that I have on my mind, whether they’re positive things like hopes and dreams or things that worry and stress me. This way I can sleep tight without having to lie awake thinking about all the stressful stuff!

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