Veganuary hacks, or how to go and stay vegan for more than two hours.


Every vegan thought vegans were weird before they went vegan. Welcome to the fold. Here are our hacks on how to survive your first month as a vegan.

Prepare. Mentally and physically.

Do like you were always told and plan ahead. If you’re not familiar with vegan cooking, make a weekly meal plan and buy ingredients ahead of time. Don’t try fancy new shit that takes two hours to prepare on a weeknight or you’ll end up sobbing into your unpeeled sweet potato, surrounded by kale and your abandoned hopes and dreams.

Keep it simple.

Veganise your favourite meals. Don’t get bogged down in elaborate dishes you’ve never heard of when you’re trying to go vegan. Make a list of all your go-to weeknight dishes and look up vegan versions of them. Love chilli con carne? Sub meat for kidney beans, black beans and dry red lentils. Whack some jalapeño in there, top with avocado and you got yourself a hot Mexican feast.

Make some real-life vegan friends. Or internet ones.

Because you need a sympathetic ear when you’re being a whiny bitch about the food you can no longer eat. Quite frankly, your colleagues, your friends and your sister think you’re a dick for complaining about not being able to eat pizza. They’re restraining themselves from cramming a slice down your non-dairy throat. When you’re transitioning, it’s hard. It can be really hard. So you need some pals to vent to when you discover something gross about the dairy industry or someone to vibe with when you discover a new vegan chocolate bar.

Leading nicely on to...

Haters gonna hate.

But, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR PROTEIN? While most of your friends will probably surprise you with how cool they are about your new lifestyle choice, there’s always gonna be some dick with a snarky ‘tude.

Rise 👏 Above 👏 It 👏

Milk is everywhere.

Milk in crackers, milk in crisps, milk in naan bread, milk in SOUP, milk in places it has no right to be. If you eat something and then realise it has milk in, keep your chill. Just make a mental note to avoid in future and move on with your life.

Fall off the wagon.

Then climb back on. I tried a good couple times to go vegan before falling prey to the seductive call of my favourite chocolate bars. And pizza. You’re a mere mortal and the fact you’re trying to do something good gives you plus humanity points. Nice one. Write it off as a bad day and try again tomorrow.

Remind yourself why this shit is important. And step away from the Dairy Milk.

If you feel your resolve trembling in the face of a cheesy tagliatelle or a steaming hot Domino’s, take a minute to evaluate. You didn’t put yourself on this path for nothing, my friend. Go home. Watch Cowspiracy. Focus.

Comfort food is not a way of life. It is a religion.

Vegans love junk food as much as the next omnivore holding a steak knife. From Party Rings and Hobnobs to Oreos and Fizzy fangs, there’s so many vegan sweet treats you had no idea were vegan. Follow @accidentallyveganuk on Insta for treats you can find in the supermarket that are accidentally vegan and follow #whatfatveganseat for naughty treats that you need in your life, stat.

Find your new Holy Grail

Chuck all your takeout menus. You don’t need those suckers. Discover your new favourite dinner by lining your shelves with glorious cookbooks and eat your way through that plant-based goodness. A few of our favourites are:

  • The Minimalist Baker. For quick, simple and easy meals.
  • Thug Kitchen. For sweary dinners that taste great.
  • My New Roots. For involved, seasonal recipes to impress guests with.