Eating a plant-based diet doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult or boring; you can still feast on sweet-ass burritos and juicy burgers with fries. 

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Our ethos when it comes to good food is simplicity, seasonality and community.

We want to share what it means to eat better; from sourcing ingredients and shopping locally to experimenting with new recipes and embracing a cruelty-free diet.



Helena Murphy


Helena is a writer, photographer and social media editor with experience creating content for awesome brands including Urban Outfitters, Ministry of Sound and MADE.COM. Never found without a camera to hand, Helena manages all of our content and its promotion, as well as setting up collaborations and engaging with our growing tribe of Omnom readers.

Ben McCabe


Ben is a journalist and designer turning his pens and crayons towards a passion for good food and drink. As well as contributing articles and ideas, Ben does a lot of the background work that makes Omnom tick, including editing, site design and film making